Friday, April 1, 2011

Hospital Update and Photography

So Noah came to the hospital on the 23rd of March for surgery on his airway. They did the cricoid split (see below) and he was in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) 4.5 days. He was moved to a regular floor on Monday around lunch time. We were told we could go home on Tuesday but he got worse over the night after completely stopping the steroids. So everyday has been a new adventure with breathing issues. They think he has a chest cold/virus but it could just be his airway. They started him back on the steroids through his IV, started antibiotics to prevent a chest infection and started him back on scheduled breathing treatments. We hope that tomorrow he can go home (even though I've heard that every day since Monday I kinda believe it this time). With all the crap this poor little guy has been through he is still a very happy and playful little boy. He even attempted to get on his hands and knees last night while in his crib.

I bought a new camera yesterday. Nothing wrong with my old one but it doesn't have a hot shoe on it. My Sony was a point and shoot. This new one will allow me to use flash studio lighting. My goal is to have an in home studio. I want to work on taking pics of Noah, family and friends first. If (I hope) I get good at it I want to have a photography business. At first I thought I just wanted to do it for fun and leisure but then got to thinking that if I was good why not make money off of it and still be able to be a SAHM? I have the perfect space for a studio in my house. So next week I plan on buying a flash lighting kit. Then, all I will have left to get is a backdrop and a backdrop stand. I will eventually get several different backdrops and props but this will have to be a slow go. I didn't realize how much money would really have to go into something like this.

This pic wasn't taken with my new camera but my old Sony. It is very blury because Noah was on the move while I was trying to get a pic of it. This is a pic of Noah's incision where he had the surgery.

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Laura and Danya said...

Back when I lived mainland I had a small photo studio in my parents house. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to get stuff. I got a lot of my stuff from ebay, but through one specific seller backdropoutlet, they have a basic lighting kit that I still use to this day and it's been quite abused with travel to and from Hawaii a couple of times.