Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have an appointment!

I go Monday to the doctor to have my blood drawn. As soon as my levels get to 3,000 (I think) they will give me my 1st ultrasound. I should reach 3,000 by about 5 weeks. The u/s will be for nothing more than dating reasons. I'm ready to see our little bean though. It will give me a peace of mind in knowing that everything is ok in there.

We have decided to let this baby's gender be a surprise. It took a lot of talking through to decide which route we were gonna go with this. I wanted Carly and Hannah to be a surprise but we found out anyways. With this pregnancy possibly being our last I do want to wait to find out. It's like getting an extra little gift the day you deliver. It will be so exciting! I've been feeling good in the way of symptoms. I haven't had any yet. If this pregnancy is anything like Carly or Hannah's it will basically be symptom free. I'm only going to be working for another 3 weeks. Then I'm going to quit. Well I say quit but I'll still be doing some work. I won't however be standing on my feet for 8 hours a day passing out meds anymore. I'm going to be doing paper work at home. hat way I'm still making money but also taking it easy at the same time. My doctor wants me out of work by 12 weeks anyway so this is a happy medium.

On a side note, my car has been parked for a little over a month now. The fuel injector went bad causing a knocking noise in one of my cylinders and the transmission range sensor went bad. My car would get stuck in low gear and I would put my foot all the way down on the gas and my car would only creep at turtle speed. Well we got the parts for $180 on Wednesday. My neighbor being the nice guy he is, fixed my car today in less than an hour. The dealership was going to charge me $344 to fix it. That is just crazy! He said he did it for free. Well we can't NOT pay him something. I mean he took that time out of his own day on a weekend to help us out. So we are gonna give him some money for fixing my car. I'm so glad to have it back though. I've been driving my MIL's car for a while. She had to take it back about a week ago b/c the battery in her other car died. So I've been depending on Ryan to drive me back and forth to work. So glad to get it back!


The Blue Sparrow said...

Glad to hear things are looking up! *HUGS*

Melanie said...

Hey I got your email! I am so excited for you... Prayers are being lifted. We are also doing the surprise gender! We feel its a boy but you never know :) That's good your going to take it slow at work. I got a part time at my church so it's better than working at the DMV all day all week.

Take care,

Mandy said...

I am so thrilled for you. Look after yourself!!