Saturday, October 10, 2009

Butterfly Release 2009

Today was the Butterfly Release at Frazier Park in Downtown Charlotte. It was held by the Levine Children's Hospital. It's a place for parents and loved ones to come together who have lost a child in the NICU. We went last year for the 1st time. Last year I spoke and I was still pregnant. This year was a lot easier for me emotionally. The had a choir there who sung a couple of songs. They sounded amazing! Dr Herman, on of the neonatologist help to lead the celebration of life with Cindy, one of the neonatal nurse practitioner. They had a dedication of bricks to several families. A couple of parents stood up to say some nice heart felt things about their children. Towards the end everyone formed a circle and went around and said the name of their child(ren). Then, a prayer was said and we released our butterflies. It was beautiful to watch them fly around. Some flew away while others stuck around and we just beautiful to look at in the flowers and trees. After the service was over we got to take some time to talk to others there. Bree, my friend from the NICU was there. We sat together and talked about how it use to be. Bree's little girl DeAnna was Carly's neighbor and passed away when she was 2 months old. She also had a heart defect. Another friend of mine there was Shannon. Shannon also had babies in the NICU. He actually had twins there. They lost one twin from twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I also got to meet a lady who I've been talking to on Charlottemommies. He name is Vicky. Adam and Aimme were also there. I'm sure most of you know them, baby Kayleigh's parents. Dr. Chu was there. She was Carly's Dr. She was always super sweet and talked to you like you were a friend. She had a special way of making you feel at home in a not so homie place. It was suppose to rain today but thank God it didn't. It turned out to be a beautiful day. I didn't take many pics but I did get a few.

This is Dr. Herman and Cindy (NNP). They both cared for Carly during her NICU stay.

This was a lady sharing her story of loss and healing.

Some butterflies as they flew off.

Bree and I.

Ryan and Bree

Ryan and I

And lastly Dr. Chu and myself.

NOW, for some new information. In my last post I told everyone that we would be TTC again in December. Plans have changed and we will actually start TTC again in 3 weeks! I'm so excited yet so nervous. Here's hoping for a surprise mid November!


Shana said...

Praying for your ttc journey to be quick and easy!

Beth said...

Wow..These butterfly looks so cute. I love butterfly of different colors. Widh if I could keep them as pets.

Melanie said...

Good luck on the TTC, may you get preggies very soon and God bless you this time around with a healthy baby and no complications at all!!! Bless you. Amen!!

Nan & Mike said...

Beautiful butterfly release! Congrats on TTC again!! Hugs

chloe's clan said...

What a wonderful occasion!! I think having special events like that are so important. :) I am happy to hear that you will be trying again. I pray that all will go well for you and you can share a lifetime on earth with your child. You already have eternity. :) Take care. Much love,

Carly K. said...

That is so beautiful, how wonderful that they do that. Praying for you.