Thursday, June 18, 2009


Carly, is a young woman who has a big heart for helping others. She lost her son Christian a couple of years ago. Since, she has been taking her time to write names in the sand of babies who have passed away for bereaved mothers just like herself. After I lost Carly and Hannah, Carly wrote their names in the sand for me and gave me their pics. It's such a sweet reminder of my girls. Carly does this for thousands of people. It's a full time job for her and she doesn't make a penny.

Carly has entered a contest through Cannon to win a new camera and to also win $60,000 to go to a charity of her choice. She has decided to donate this money to SIDS and Kids Australia. Please take your time to read about her and this contest she has entered. I'll post a link below to her blog. In her blog you will see a link to vote to help er raise money for this charity and to help her get a new camera so she can continue taking pics for these bereaved parents.

Here is here post..........

Tonight I am asking for your help on something. have a competition on at the moment called Creative For A Cause.

In their own words "A single photograph can represent the voices of a hundred, thousand or even a million people"

Canon are looking for one photograph. The photograph that receives the most amount of votes will win $60 000 to go to their favorite charity. The photographer will also win a Canon package for themselves.

I have entered this competition and if Christian's photo is the winner I have chosen SIDS and Kids Australia as my award recipient. I will be honest in saying that having the benefit of a brand new professional camera would be such a treat for the evenings I spend at the beach!

So please if you have the time visit this link and vote for Christian's photo in memory of all children lost too soon. We believe this one photo doesn't just represent Christian, but all his other friends too.

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

Here's the link to her post so you can click the link to vote for her.


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