Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi Everyone!

Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've posted. I've been working a lot trying to save as much as possible for our trip. Our trip has actually changed. We are not going on a cruise after all. We just booked our stay at Key Largo, FL. We are so excited about that! We leave in less than 2 weeks! We have a lot of our excursions planned already. We want to go para sailing but you can only book that the day of, so we will do that once we get down. We were gonna book a fishing trip but those are so dang expensive. I seen one for nearly a $1000 for 3/4 of a day. There's NO WAY I'm paying that much to go fishing. Heck I can fish in a pond in Stanfield (my old country town) for free! LOL We are going to skydive too!! Well I'm going to skydive. Ryan's a punk and a wussy and won't do it! He says he'll film me from the ground. The skydiving company or group or what ever you call them will do a professional video and pics an you get copies when you leave. This will be the highlight of my trip. I'll be doing this in Miami. We went yesterday to Aldi grocery store (SUPER CHEAP FOODS----GREAT DEALS) yesterday to buy all the non-perishable food items such as chips, canned foods, snacks, you know, things that won't go bad between now and when we get down there. It's so much cheaper to buy things like that then wait till we get there and go shopping. We'll get our milk and meats and other cold or frozen items when we get there. We only paid $110 in the store yesterday! That's great, because it would cost you that much in a day if you just ate out for a full day.

I've been tanning for our trip so I won't burn when I get down there. So much good that has done, I've managed to get burnt TWICE now laying in the tanning bed! *shakes head* I could get burnt for free down there! LOL Oh well, I'll just slow it done just a hair in the beds. Ryan and I went shopping for our trip Wed and my friend Jaira and I went shopping yesterday. Ryan and I got lots of new clothes. Mine we SOOOOO needed. Ever since being pregnant nothing fits right anymore. I knew I'd never wear my size 0's again. Heck I new that after Carly was born, so I gave all my clothes away to my little cousin. Then after Carly was born I bought a few tings but then I was soon pregnant again with Hannah so there went that! So now that I've lost weight and I'm no longer pregnant and I'M GOING ON VACATION, I figured why not!! Hey I got a sweat shirt at Pac Sun (in case I get chilly in the night)that was on sale for $10, but the tag said 2.99 so I got it even cheaper!! I got a sweet bag at Pac Sun for $2.99 too!! They had a great sale going on!

Before we go on vacation I have to go to court! Uggg, my tag on my car had been expired since October of 2008. I knew I needed to get it done but just kept putting it off, till finally a few weeks ago I got pulled over. The officer gave me a ticket and told me to get it fixed and if I prove I fixed it I may not have to pay a fine and it may get thrown out of court. So I got it fixed so here's hoping!

I'll have tons of pics and videos for when we get back. I may not blog again till then. I'm trying to work some overtime for some extra money so that's kinda cutting into my time at home lately. Everyone take care and I'll post again soon with exciting things to share!


chloe's clan said...

How exciting! Have fun and take care. Hopung all good things for you. :)

Carly K. said...

Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear about skydiving!

Lindsay said...

I'm so glad you and your S.O. are having a little getaway. We're trying to plan one around here as well!
I LOVE to parasail. but I'm too afraid to sky-dive. You go brave girl!!