Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Snowed!

Last night before going to bed Ryan opened the door to look out like he always does. He said, "Rachel, it snowed!" I couldn't believe it. The weather man assured us that we wouldn't see any snow here. I should have known better, they are never right. So before I laid down for the night I grabbed my camera to snap a picture. By time I woke up today at 11am (I know...I was being lazy!) it was almost completely gone, but the bone chilling air was still there. The snow is always so pretty. It's like God is covering everything with His glory. Wiping away all imperfections. It's always been so breath taking for me.


bir said...

Oh I love it when it snows like that (once in a blue moon here)! We're so over this heat wave in the south of Aust! Send us some snow!

Robin said...

What a nice treat. I love the way you decribed the snow.
Stay Warm!