Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our First Counseling Session Today!

We went to the counselor today. It started off talking about our children, my brother, Ryan losing his grandfather all this year. Then it steered off into our relationship with each other. **Which needs work let me tell ya!** So any ways we were able to openly and honestly Communicate to each other. It was really great to actually hear things from each other that otherwise we wouldn't talk about. We are gonna have grief counseling throughout this process but as well as couples counseling. This was a FANTASTIC session! We both got sooooo much from it. We even kept openly talking once we got in the car all the way back to Ryan's work. The counselor is around our age and I think that's great as she will be able to relate more to us than a 60 year old person would. I think this was a big step for us in the right direction to get ourselves where we want to be with each other and our emotions. We go back again next Thursday.


Jennifer said...

my heart just breaks for you! i really admire your strength to get some counseling and talk about your experience. i hope it helps you to heal.

Carly said...

Rachel, that is lovely to hear. I hope that Thursday is just as fantastic :)Keep being honest with each other :)

Many prayer for you

Carly x

mommy559 said...

I'm glad that you guys had a good session today. I hope that everything gets better for you guys.

Peyton's Mommy said...

Thank you for the wonderful comment left on my blog. I know that our sweet little ones are up there now celebrating with God. Its hard on the ones left behind. I can't wait til that glorious day. You always make me feel better. Thank you so much. I am sorry that we had to meet this way but I am so glad to know you. Your faith amazes me and helps me when I am having a hard day. God will get us through if we just let him. Thanks Rachel.
Your sister in Christ,