Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well it's been a little while since my last post. Things so far are okay. Little Miss Hannah has been such a wiggle worm. I absolutly love to feel her move. I could lay around for hours just feeling her. It's an amazing feeling to have this little person move around inside of you. I didn't feel Carly much at all. She may have kicked my cervix a total of 20 times and my belly MAYBE twice once that I'm sure of though. So this is quite some change. It's like all of this is completly new to me.

My days off from work are Wed. and Thur. of every week. The past 2 days I was off Ryan and I started on getting the nursery ready. Again sometihng new to me seeing as how we didn't get anything ready for Carly. We started off by clearing out the room and taking everything hanging on the wals off. I puttied the holes and sanded them. I painted the spots I puttied with paint from the attic. I knew all the paint from when we remodled was up there so I had Ryan get it for me. After I touched up the walls I kept going back to see how things were looking. Well needless to say things weren't looking quite right. Ryan assured me that wet paint always looks a little different and it would blend in after it dried. Well about 3 hours later it looked no different and my walls were splochy. I touched every single spot and they were all completly dry!!! I got to looking on the can of paint we used and noticed that we used the semi-gloss. See all of our walls in our house are the same color. And all the walls have benn painted with a flat paint. Except for the bathrooms and the garage (we turned it into a second den). So apparently the only paint we had left off the same color was the semi-gloss. And it looked horible on top of the flat paint. And we didn't hae enough to do the whole room. So Ryan and I had to go to Home Depot and grab enough paint to cover the walls in semi-gloss. This is really turning out to be more work than I imagined. Well after getting the paint and getting back home it was time to head out for Wed. Night Bible Study. By time I got back home it was almost 9:30. I was tired and ready for bed but Ryan talked me into getting the room tapped up so we could start painting the following morning. Well that led into lets just get one wall done, to well lets just finish out the paint left in the pan, to we only have one wall left lets just finish it now. So By 12am the room was completly painted. I was so exausted! And when I laied down to sleep Hannah though it would be a great time to wake up and play!!! I finally fell asleep 2 hours later. The next morning rolled around and we tried to put things together and put the room in some sort of orrder. We hung part of the boarder but I only bought one roll and it was definatley NOT enough. It only did one wall. So we still have the boarder to finish. And we still other odds and ends to do such as decorate the walls and recover the glider to match the room. And a few other things. And I'm sure I think of more as we work on it. We did get the crib last Thursday evening and I was super excited. I was so ready to put it together when we got it home. So excited I was willing to wait just a while longer to eat my dinner just to get it up! LOL Well I got it up and noticed it had no toddler rail or rails to turn it into a full size bed. I called the store the next day and they told me that I would have to buy both of the items sepertely. I was so shocked! I can't beleive I paied that much money for JUST a crib! The toddler rail is $60 and the big kid rails are $130. And I can't even get them now because I have to pay my card down some first seeing as how I maxed it out in one trip to Babies R Us. But hey....I got everything I need now! LOL

So here are some pics of the room as it is now. It's still not finished but hopefully it will be done in the next month or so.

This was what the room looked like after we made our boo-boo

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Intro...

Well for those who know me this will be a very short repeat of info then off to new stuff. I became pregnant last year and was due to deliver our daughter Carly Nicole on 2/4/08. We had several complications. She had a brain defect that was known about while I was still pregnant. She was a very small baby. At 18 weeks she began to slow her growth or should I say they noticed that she was 2 weeks behind in growth. Well I was followed very close by a high risk OB. As time went on she grew less and less and eventually became stressed. I wound up with pre-eclampsia that wasn't noticed until I was admitted to the hospital. I delivered my daughter via C-section 12 weeks early at 28w3d. She weighed a whoping 13 ounces and was 10 inches long. Well as time went on she grew and started to become a "big" little baby. Six days shy of her 4 month birthday she passed away from a heart defect. We found out of the heart defect the day she passed. There was nothing we could do for her. She never came home but will remain in our hearts forever! If you want more info on that you can read her blog at

Now new news for those who don't know me. After losing our daughter we became pregnant again one month later. Things with this pregnancy have been for the most part pretty good. I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks and we got to see her little heart beat. She measured right on time from my LMP (last menstrual period). I had been seeing both my regular OB and a high risk OB because of my past pregnancy. So then I also had an ultrasound at 11 weeks, 14 weeks 15 weeks and 18 weeks. All of these ultrasounds show good growth and my latest one at 18 weeks also show no signs of any defects! So my high risk OB decides that seeing as how there are no known defects and the baby is measuring on time he can release me from his care. He tells me he only needs to see me again if the baby stops or slows her growth or something else comes up that needs to be tended to. This is just amazing to me! I can't beleive how big my belly has gotten at this time seeing as how when I was pregnant with Carly at the smae time I was so much smaller.

So today at my regular OB office I had my 20 week anatomy scan. The baby looks healthy and is such a little wiggle worm. We got to see her yawn during the ultrasound which was the cutest ting ever! I had Ryan video the whole thing. I post a link to it later. It always amazes me to see lil babies inside a mothers womb. Who can't beleive in God when seeing something so perfect and amazing? Well anyways at the end of the u/s the tech ask me what my EDD was. I told her it was 12/30/08. She said that according to her measurements she was getting an EDD of 1/5/09. That's 1 day shy of being a week behind in growth. She said they don't start to worry until they are 2 weeks or more behind in growth. Well I knew that already seeing as how I went through it with Carly. But it does have me concerned. On the 29th of July my scan came back fine with her measuring on time. And right about 3 weeks later she's measuring a week behind. I just pray that God keeps this litte girl healthy and allows her to grow and get the nutrients she needs. Right now according to the u/s she weighs 13 ounces. That what Carly weighed when I delivered her. So I know that's gotta be better some. I wonder if it's my uterus causing this? I have a bicournate or T shaped uterus. I've read that there is a higher risk for IUGR with women who become pregnant and have mis-shaped uterus. Well right now all I can do is pray an d lift Hannah up to the Lord. And I hope that if you are reading this blog that you too will do the same and pray for our little girl. I have another appointment on the 19th of September and hopefully I'll have some good news. But if she hasn't improved or has fallen futher behind in growth I'm sure I'll be making that trip back to the high risk OB. So just remember Ryan and I and this little innocent child that I'm carrying.

Here's my most recent pic. Not the prettiest pic of me but it's a pic none the less.
21 weeks