Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Memory Of Our Sweet Carly!!


Anonymous said...

I was linked to your blog from another blog. My family walked a similiar journey to yours. Our son James was born March 18, 2008 weighing 13 ounces and 10 1/4 inches long. He was 25 weeks and 6 days gestation at birth. He died June 9, 2008. He lived only 84 days. His due date was June 25. I will pray for you. Please email if you would like. Nancy

Anonymous said...

I happened to read your baby's story because we have a friend's child who is a preemie.
My prayers are with you and I hope soon you will have a beautiful baby to love.
I am a grandmother of two who I help care for.
When we were having our children we lost our first child. It also was a painful experience.
However, I eventually had two health babies a girl weighing 8 lbs. and a boy almost 10 lbs.
My first child is the mother of the grandchildren.
I'm sorry you had such a sad loss.
May God bless you for the way you cared for this little baby, and someday may he bless you with wonderful little ones.
Carly touched my heart and she is an angel with God.

Carly Nicole Elliotte My Micro Preemie said...

Thank you. We are actually pregnant again now. And are expecting lil Hannah's arrival the 22nd od December.

Shellie said...

Hey girl, I am hoping you are doing okay on this day. Hang in there.