Wednesday, February 13, 2008

ROP......and update

I got a phone call today from the nurse that assist the eye doctor today. They have found that Carly has stage1 ROP. They will now monitor her more closely. She will have eye exams every3-4 days as opossed to every week to 10 days. This is some thing very common in premature and very underweight babies. If it gets worse there is a laser surgery avalible to help but not correct it.

She's starting to cry OUT LOUD!!!! Well sorta. They are whimpers but more frequent! It's so dern cute. When she gets going though she uses up all of her energy and starts desating.

The big day is tomorrow.....her due date!!!!! She will then be considered term! She's doing great though. She should weigh at least 1250 grams (2 pounds 12 ounces) tonight, she was 1224 last night. This means as soon as she hits 1250 grams she gets to come off skin control temp and onto air contral. This means she can wear clothes all day no questions asked!!!! I'll be posting pics hopefully tonight of her in her first preemie onesies! Even though they are still big it's really all I have to fit her. I have a shirt to fit but only one. So she'll be wearing onesies that are too big for a while.

Her ortho doctor came by and said her leg is completly healed!!! He was concerned about her hips though and he thinks they are okay he was afraid that they weren't resting in the sockets. But he's pretty sure that they are. He wrote an order for me to take her to the Ortho clinic a week after she's discharged to be seen again. She might end up having braces to correct her legs later down the road.

She's still not sucking or swallowing but I've been massaging her gums and stroking her tounge to try and stimulate her. She does seem to bite down very breifly when I rub the very back of her bottom gums so I hope that it's improvement! Fingers crossed!!!

That's it.....just working on weaning oxygen, feeding and growing now!!! Hopefully it won't be TOO long now!

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Marty said...

Thank you for letting me view your Carly Blog..
I have been watching her inprovment every sence she was born.. You and carly are some pretty strong girls!!!

She just gets more and more healthy looking each time I see her.

And what you did with the blog is just amazing.

God Bless..I come in everyday to see if there is any more news.. I can't want until I read she is going home.