Friday, January 18, 2008

Moving Right Along!

Well to start with Carly was put on Bubble CPAP yesterday at 10:45 am. She did and is doing remarkably well! He oxygen settings have been lurking around 35-45%. So 36 hours later she's still being a big girl breathing on her own. Praise God! I got to hold her tonight. This was the first time I've held her since Christmas. I was so glad but yet nervous because the CPAP nasal canulas have to stay in her nose just right. I was so afraid that I would knock them loose. But she did good and I didn't break anything! :) I was able to position her on my own while holding her which was a first. Seeing as how I didn't have to contend with the vent and it's cords and being afraid of extubating it was easy moving her. She got VERY hot while I was holding her. Her heart rate shot up and we checked her temp and it was 100.7!!!! I unwraped her and left her in just her diaper trying to help her cool off. I also (** I know this is gonna sound weird**) got to smell her breath for the first time tonight! I know what your thinking, it's weird and silly. But for me it was nice. Even though she had stinky breath it was nice to be able to smell it. It's something most people take for granted. So every little thing matters to me.....even smelling stinky breath! Well I can't think of much more. But Carly is doing extreamly well. She has however stopped gaining weight. She is actually loosing some grams here and there. But this is because she is using all of her energy breathing on her own. They say it happens. So the have increased her calories to see if this will help her start gaining weight again. Well that's all for now. I'll post another updare soon! Nite Nite!

Here are pictures of her on CPAP


StephthefutrRxDr said...

Wonderful news!

Griffin Family said...

You go Carly!!! It's so good to read about your good news, Breath and all! It's not weird at all! I did the same thing with Cole. You are in our prayers and will continue to be.

From our Hearts,
Laura and Matt Griffin

Bri said...

CC, I am so proud of u! U r truly a fighter and u r becoming a big girl each and everyday. I know that u will start to gain weight in no time and u will be soon packing up and going home. I will come to see u soon! But u have to promise to do my dance! Rach, sorry I was sleeping when u called but I will call u back tomorrow when I think that u r not busy. I hope that u r taking care of urself, which I know u r! But anyway u and CC continue to take care even Ryan, I haven't forgotten about him. I will talk to u lata. Love u!